Designed for riders transitioning from 50cc bikes to a more powerful ride, the CX65offers increased horsepower and improved handling. Equipped with a larger engine and advanced suspension. This exceptional dirt bike is a testament to threedecades of passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Riders who areready to dominate the track, it’s time to create your own legacy with the CX65.



The CX65 engine is a high-performance 65cc 2-stroke engine designed for the Cobra 65cc motocross bike. It features the innovative Electronic “Fang” Power Valve system, which optimizes power delivery across various RPM ranges for enhanced acceleration and speed. This advanced technology eliminates the need for manual tuning and allows young riders to focus on their skills while maintaining performance on track.



The hydraulically actuated clutch in the CX65 offers seamless and precise control for young motocross riders. This advanced system utilizes hydraulic pressure to engage and disengage the clutch, ensuring consistent and effortless shifting.

Cobra Moto CX65 - Engine
CX 65 Cooling


The CX65 engine incorporates a highly efficient liquid cooling system for both the top-end and case. This advanced design ensures optimal temperature regulation, preventing overheating during intense motocross sessions. This innovative cooling system contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the engine, providing a competitive edge on the track.


The CX65 exhaust system features a meticulously engineered tuned pipe and silencer combination. This design optimizes the flow of exhaust gases, maximizing power output and torque throughout the RPM range. The tuned pipe enhances the engine’s performance by effectively managing exhaust pulses, while the silencer reduces noise levels without compromising power.

CX65 Exhaust


All-New Frame

Features a brand-new frame design that integrates a 4130 CrMo Steel casting into the head tube structure. This update provides improved structural integrity enhancing the bike's overall stability and durability.


The precision design of the swingarm ensures optimal suspension performance, allowing riders to navigate through rough terrains with confidence. With its combination of strength, stability, and suspension efficiency, the swingarm of the CX65 provides a solid foundation for riders to push their limits and conquer any motocross challenge.

CX65 Swingarm
CX65 Front Suspension

Front Suspension

The front suspension of the CX65 features the advanced CARD Smart-Leg technology, providing riders with a responsive and adjustable riding experience. With a 37mm USD (Upside Down) design, it offers improved stability and precise handling on various terrains. Boasting a generous 224mm of travel, the front suspension absorbs bumps and impacts effortlessly. The fully adjustable nature of the front suspension enables riders to fine-tune their settings, tailoring the bike's performance to their individual preferences.